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The Baptist Community Care (BCC) is a Voluntary Welfare Organization of the Singapore Baptist Convention, mobilizing resources and initiating events to reach out and touch lives, regardless of race or religion, through timely community care and social services.

BCC provides welfare services and development care to needy children, youths, families and elders, to help strengthen family cohesiveness and build wholesome living condition. BCC organizes programmes, activities and services for the strengthening and support of the individual, family and society through training, education, counselling, support group, social and community services.

BCC FosterCare
Give a child a home. Be a foster family.
BCC FosterCare works in collaboration with the Volunteer and Fostering Service of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which administers the fostering scheme for children below the age of 18. 
Under this scheme, foster families provide shelter, stability and love to children who need the service. These may be children whose parents or guardians are of ill-health and cannot look after them. Some children have also been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated by their parents or guardians. The scheme is an alternative care arrangement for these children so that they can benefit from a safe, stable and nurturing home environment which facilitates their growth and enables them to fulfil their potential. 
There are currently 323 foster children and 200 parents registered under the scheme. More than 5,000 children have benefited from this scheme since its inception in 1956.
Equipping foster families
Training is conducted on a regular basis to equip foster parents with the relevant skills to care for their foster children. An Emergency After-Office Hours Hotline allows foster parents to contact their Fostering Coordinator when there is an emergency. Foster parents also receive a monthly allowance for the expenses of their foster children.
Making a lasting difference
Foster parents come from different walks of life with ONE thing in common – they want to make a difference to a child’s life. Those interested in becoming foster parents are often assessed on their ability to meet the needs of the child before a child is placed in their care. There are also families who come on board to provide respite care on an adhoc basis and this arrangement can be made.

Some Basic Criteria:

+ Must be Residents of Singapore
+ At least 25 years of age
+ Medically fit to care for children
+ Must not be recipients of the Public Assistance Scheme (preferably stable couples with a household income of at least $2,000 a month,      and whose main source of income is not the fostering allowance)
+ Preferably married couples (widows and single women are considered on a case-by-case basis)
+ Preferably experienced in caring for and living with children, with strong parenting skills and commitment to the well-being of the child
If you can offer a child a home and encouragement for a brighter and more secure future, call MCYS at (65) 6354 8799; or visit their website at to find out more.
bcc eldercare
Reach out to those in their Golden Years.
Developing and organising holistic activities and programmes for the elderly to maintain dignity, quality of life and a positive attitude towards ageing, bringing back music to their lives.
bcc cancercare
Touch the hearts of the weary and the heavy-laden.
Providing educational, emotional and practical assistance to cancer patients and their care-givers; establishing support groups and co-ordinating the sharing of medical items, such as wheel-chairs; hospital beds, etc.
Visit the Baptist CancerCare blog:
28 August 2010
Baptist Community Care Soft Launch
BCC Soft Launch on 28 August 2010, attracting attendance of 83 Pastors and Lay Leaders. During the breakfast meeting, BCC launched project FosterCare, CancerCare. Mrs Audrey Lourdes, a foster mother of MCYS Fostering Scheme, shared her joy and challenges in caring for foster children. Ms Jane Soh, Advisor of BCC, shared her vision and plans for Cancer Support. The participants were active and interactive giving constructive feedbacks.


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Note: The information displayed above is only temporary; please contact the Convention office for any inquiries about the BCC.